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I have been washing, polishing, waxing and detailing cars for over a half a century. I must say your product has outperformed every other product that I have ever used (and I've used quite a few). I can say with all honesty and candor, your product IS THE BEST I have ever used. I normally do not write notes like this (because I'm usually disappointed in trying a new product). I congratulate and thank you for putting out a product that left my 2001 Navy Metallic Blue Corvette so brilliant and highly reflective, it appeared to be dripping wet. It removed the small swirls and surface blemishes.

I have a meter that measures the reflective light of a 100 Watt Clear light bulb at a distance of 12" from the surface into the meter. The testing is done in a totally dark garage as to rule out concurrent light for the test. The best reading I ever obtgained was 15 with the product being IBIZ. GLARE CAME IN AT 22! I simply cannot believe how good your product is. I will let all my friends, car club members, car cohorts and car show fans and fellow participants of the fantastic results I obtained from Glare. When I pulled the car outside in the sun, the brilliance was overpowering. I agree with you about wearing sunglasses. If you want to inspect the results, you must wear sunglasses. I can now rest my quest and search for the "perfect product". You have given me a product that I can use with complete confidence as being the very best - I have found that confidence in Glare.

Best PersonalRegards and Thanks
Don Dennis - Whiteland, IN.

P.S. I learned of Glare from "Corvette Fever" magazine. I will send a copy of this to them and bcc you in on a copy.

Glare polish is without a doubt the best car wax I have ever used. 

Since I bought my most recent car in summer of this year, I have used five other high-quality polishes/waxes on it, (Wemol, Zymol, Nu-Finish, Meguire's Tech Wax, and something by Turtle Wax) and while all of them gave at minimum a clean luster, I was never able to tell a difference in a side-by-side comparison.  When I used Glare polish for the first time, not only was I able to tell a difference in a side-by-side comparison - I could tell that it was outstanding even during the application. 

I was most amazed because I had been using Meguire's Tech Wax which I considered to be the best, but I was definitely proved wrong not just by the finish your polish gave, but by how extremely easy it was to buff out and its ability to hold up against being parked outdoors 24/7.  Your polish is unmatched and I hope you have a lot of success in the future!

- Doug T., Livonia, MI